Agency: McMillan, Ottawa
Account Manager: Heather Golding, Amanda Morneau
Strategist: Steve Shock
Creative Directors: Al Brunet, Megan Findlay

Art Direction: Samantha Whissell
Developers: Peter Kourhi, Scott Thompson
Develop a sitemap/user flow that served up the necessary content. Whether you're signing up for the first time and need an Account Manager, checking the progress of your firms' referrals, or learning more about effective marketing.
Create a campaign look/feel and the program's UI that is clean, intuitive and fits the QuickBooks brand.
Develop the MVP for the Pilot Program.
Employ any additional engagement strategies to streamline user experience.

Visitors to the landing page were by invitation only for this Pilot program. Accounting Firms can sign up to the program, explore the public resources or discover their recommended Intuit Account Manager. 
There are two entry points: As an Intuit Account Manager, or as an Accounting Firm.
The Intuit Account Manager Dashboard
Allows the IAM to review all their Accountant Firms they manage in their region. They can see their program progress, send notifications regarding their progress and process their rewards.
The Accounting Firm Dashboard
Tracks how many of their clients are using Intuit software, track progress of their Intuit sales, access exclusive marketing advice and resources. With each quarter, they can submit their progress to the IAM for processing and earn a monetary reward toward marketing efforts.
Added Engagement 
As we developed the MVP, we tested a few additional engagement strategies: 
Geolocation allows Firms to quickly select an Account Manager that represents them, and provides direct connection.
Exclusive access to Resources and Agencies from the Firm's dashboard provides easy-to-use tools and assistance. If their monthly goal is faltering, this is the drive to keep them going. 
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